The Beginning of an Adventure

Living in the, admittedly not so shabby, Cotswolds of England we were pretty happy with life. Both of us had good jobs, family close by, friends, and even a tank full of fish. Little did we know that a fairly average Thursday evening would throw such an opportunity in to our lives.

Enjoying an evening walk near our flat… well hunting Pokemon, Guy received a call from an unknown and clearly foreign number. Whereas I would have ignored such a call, Guy twigged that it could be from a job he had applied for a good six months previously. Despite having heard nothing when he originally applied this inkling proved correct and so a lengthy process of interviews began.


Following four rounds of interviews of varying intensity we were still undecided about a decision to move to New Zealand. It wasn’t until Guy was offered the job that we really sat down to weigh up our options. It turned out that we were thankfully on the same page, having travelled and lived abroad before I knew what a fantastic experience we could have, and the fact we would be doing this together, supporting each other and sharing in the adventure seemed a perfect opportunity. Guy on the other hand had not done any long term travel before and was keen to see more of the world, I had been to New Zealand a few years ago so he took my word that he would love it.

After accepting the role we did a fair amount of breaking the news to friends and family, luckily receiving some pretty positive responses. There was a mere shadow of apprehension that was largely out shone by excitement, and there was plenty to do in preparation to keep it at bay. The process of getting visas actually turned out to not be too bad. The most wounding part was an extortionately expensive medical to confirm that, as expected, we were completely healthy. Still it was pretty reassuring to have a full M.O.T before we left. On the more entertaining side of things we had to prove we were in a genuine long term relationship. This involved collecting ‘evidence’ which came in the form of photos together, rental contracts, old departure cards, and the strangest part, an overview of our relationship. This felt like writing a cover letter of our relationship including when we met, how we met and how the relationship had progressed since then, PG version of course. One of our first photos together made the cut…


Following our applications, in an unfortunate event, my approved visa was delivered to my work place. Having not mentioned anything of my plans to my colleagues, in an attempt not to jinx anything, this was pretty inconvenient. Not being in to sign for it at home I had not much choice in this, little did I know that on the outside of the envelope there would be a detailed description of the contents! When I took it from the receptionist her puzzled frown was enough for me to scurry off at top speed. I spent the next week or so before I handed in my notice, expecting someone to have found out, but all was well and the news went down well regardless.


After all the build up our plan was finally coming together.

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