New Year, New Country

I’ve never been the best at goodbyes.

It was of course inevitable with our plan coming together. After months of interviews and visa processing, we were finally all set for our new life on the other side of the world. Flights were booked, Guy had his job details finalised and notice periods were being worked.


As it happened the timing couldn’t really have been better, with Christmas coming up it meant we could see all our family and friends before we left. As an added bonus it meant we also got paid through the public holidays while working our notice, giving us a good fortnight window to sort ourselves out.


In the run up to Christmas we were able to get our respective groups of friends round for some farewell celebrations. They are all pretty excited for us and as it happened a lot of our friends either have, or are planning their own escapes to work abroad too, so it was great to hear of all the others adventures coming together. Hopefully we will be able to visit some on our journey.


Once Christmas had passed us by and the New Year was creeping up the big pack began! We decided to just take two bags each to begin our new life. Most of the second bag in fact was taken up by ski boots, and a lot of things we thought we might bring were pushed aside. Packing your life into a bag is always stressful but on the upside it’s a great call to action to finally sort through all those clothes you never wear anymore but were hanging onto, just in case! The charity shops certainly did well from our streamlining of possessions.


We left our Cotswold homestead on December 31st, waved off by family and the wag of dog tails, there were tears but also excitement. After months of planning we were finally on the road. First stop was a glamorous New Year’s Eve… bringing in 2017 in style with room service, champagne and the BBC from the Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow! Early the next morning we headed into London Heathrow Airport on the tube. Check-in was smooth, and we enjoyed breakfast in the airport before boarding our British Airways flight to our first stop Tokyo.


We were on our way!

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