A Weekend in Sydney: Manly Beach

We headed off to Circular Quay and just squeezed on to a packed ferry across to Manly. All travel in Sydney is capped on Sunday at $2.50, so it seemed everyone had the same idea. The ferry ride is about 20 minutes, and the views from the water back at the city are very cool to see, passing little regattas of dinghy’s as we went, with the sun shining down it was a great little trip in itself.

Must do Sydney Day Trip: The Blue Mountains

About 50km inland from Sydney lies the huge area of the Blue Mountains. A Sandstone bedrock area carved and shaped when the continent was once under water. The vast wilderness that now sits happily above the sea, holds a huge number of Eucalyptus trees, as the oil evaporates from the leaves into the air the sunlight passing through this denser air disperses differently through the spectrum and creates a blue haze, thus the Blue Mountains. A popular tourist destination owing to its scenery and hiking, we were excited to go exploring.